Acupuncture: (AACP trained).

As a physiotherapist we primarily take a Western medical approach to using acupuncture – grounded in current research evidence and concepts of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is great as an adjunctive treatment for the management of common musculoskeletal conditions. We have seen great results. From the latest evidence and experience you will normally require more than one treatment session (from 6-10 sessions recommended) for long term benefit. We aim to reduce your pain and improve your health and well being. Please note during the assessment you will be assessed and medically screened to ensure acupuncture is the appropriate treatment for you. You will require loose fitting clothing and we advise you eat at least 4 hours before treatment. Please contact for further details.

If you would like to pay for your initial assessment prior to your appointment, or if you have already completed your initial assessment, you can make your payment here: